Electronic Physiotherapy

Electronic Physiotherapy Treatments

Electronic Physiotherapy is a series of procedures and treatments based on the direct effect of electric currents on the human body. The powerful combination of treatments help with muscle and joint pain and stimulate internal organs. 

The main element of electronic physiotherapy is the use of electronic muscle and organ stimulation. During electrophoresis, medical solutions are introduced to the body through the skin, allowing the treatment of a patient’s condition with minimal toxicity.

                                               New Electronic Physiotherapy Treatments

MedInstitute has over thirty years of experience with electronic physiotherapy, constantly improving and employing the latest medical technology to provide patients with the best service. 

The Walking Simulator and Smart Glove are two new effective pieces of equipment that will help patients in the rehabilitation stage. In conjunction with the Walker and the Glove, MedInstitute uses a range of therapies to suit the patient, ensuring comfortable treatment with the best possible effect. 

                                                                         Walking Simulator 

The Walking Simulator uses hand movements to assist the patient in guiding their walking movements. 

The hands are the support for the lower limbs, especially when movement has become limited or difficult. By using the Walking Simulator, the patient can hold an upward position, and by moving the hands the lower limbs begin to move. As walking is simulated, the limbs are stimulated to move by exercising joints and muscles. At the same time, the back muscles and torso are retrained to move using the rotational movement. 

It can be used for patients that have injured the upper thoracic and cervical spinal cord by providing support at chest level. With the help of an instructor and the Walking Simulator, the patient can achieve the vertical position necessary to perform rehabilitation exercises. 

                                                                         Smart Glove

Where a patients' brain has been affected by stroke or severe brain trauma resulting in part paralysis, use of the innovative Smart Glove can aid recovery. 

Smart Glove is a device used for human-computer interaction. The glove is wrapped around the patient's hand and the movement and the position sensors record physical data from the fingers and the wrists. 

It is used to strengthen the muscles in the hands and arms by creating new points in the brain that will develop and control the physical movement.  It does so by using a set of interactive exercises selected specifically for the patient's capabilities and goals.

This innovative technology can be used to improve any patient's condition such as partial paralysis, muscular dystrophy, damage to the brain and spinal cord, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's disease and to improve hand coordination.