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Spider bite

In august of 2018, I went to the forest to pick wild nuts. I shook a tree, following which hundreds of spiders dropped off it and bite my hand. Everything happened very fast. I went to the hospital. For a period of 4 weeks I experienced intense pain on the injured hand. Despite 4 weeks of treatment there was no improvement and even worse, I had allergic reaction on the bitten hand. I then left the hospital and visited the Institute of Medical Rehabilitation. (Test performed at the hospital showed strong intoxication in blood and on bite spots. In the Institute of Medical Rehabilitation, following examination the nature of disease, was diagnosed and therapy was prescribed. Which comprised: Ozone therapy, Ten Pass, Laser therapy, ultraviolet ray penetrating device under the skin, turbotron. Following 2 months of treatment with the therapies, I was fully cured. Otherwise, this infection could cause serious complications and even death. Results we got was from the correct knowledge of disease, correct treatment therapies and properly trained staff. Special thanks to General Doctor of medical sciences Dr. Yuri Nikolenko

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