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Treatment of trophic ulcers in a patient with diabetes mellitus using ozone therapy

Overview Patient C, a 72 years old man, visited us for the treatment of a post-amputated trophic ulcer of the right toe. Trophic ulcer did not heal with conservative treatment for two years. The patient experienced severe pain and could not stand on his feet, and had to move with the aid of crutches, thereby seriously inhibiting his daily life.

Briefcase history

The patient had been suffering from type 2 diabetes and had been taking Glucophagus 500 mg tablets 3 times daily with insulin. The patient had developed gangrene of the big toe about 6 months before and a surgical amputation was performed but the gangrene wound had not healed completely.


High dosage I. V. Ozone therapy, accompanied by ozone bags for superficial wound healing - 25 sessions were conducted. The pain was completely relieved by the end of therapy.

Results for Case C

Post Therapy Results

45 days following the start of treatment, the gangrene ulcer was healed, and the only visible sign was the presence of a crust over it.

Following 65 days of treatment, the ulcer was completely healed, and the patient began to walk without support and could normally wear shoes without any discomfort.

Today the patient exhibits just a keloid scar at the ulcer site.

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